Custom towels manufacturers


Custom towels are made as customer’s specific requirements, but not all towels for individual customer is custom-made. For example, regular towels finished with embroidery of customer’s logo, that is not custom made towels and almost no MOQ required. If the logo is woven, that means we design the towel from…

Sourcing terry towel in china


Sourcing in China is never as convenient as today, but it is never an easy job, it demands a lot of energy and time, and you will be obliged to wait for unpredictable upshot until consignments arrived. On the flip side, manufacturers in china are in the similar situation. We…

Golf towels the towels for golfer


Golf towels is one of golf equipment, golfer used to wipe ball and clubs or dry golfers hand and face. There are usually two kinds material for golf towels.One is cotton, the other is microfiber. 100% cotton towels are natural fiber more soft and comfortable for mankind skin, so it…

Why is cotton preferable material for towels?


Why is cotton a sustainable raw material? Frequently asked questions about cotton see here

Hotel towel suppliers


We are hotel towel towels supplier, wholesale high quality cotton towels to hospitality business at competitive price. Hotel towels or hotel collection towels are usually extremely fluffy, soft, absorbent and durable. The are fluffy , soft and absorbent because of excessive thickness. They are durable because of choice quality of…

100% cotton 32s/2 two ply hand towels

Towel Photos

Terry towels use 32s/2 yarns are soft and durable although not as fluffy as 16s/1 yarns. They are really a economical choice for hospitality industry.

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